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Launching early 2020. Our mission is to create tools for daily tarot and ritual practice by way of content, education and community with a focus on independent deck artists and spiritualists.

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TAROTAROT Dharmic Manifesto

The world's first tarot deck membership club. Bringing indie decks and daily conscious practice to both mainstream and mystic. Launching early 2020.

Our purpose is to elevate the daily practice of tarot into the mainstream collective by way of engaging content, education and community.

We believe every being is divine. We believe every being is living this life for a purpose. We believe every being is intuitive. We believe every being is created to elevate the vibration of this planet should they be open to the calling.

We are passionate about spotlighting artists, mystics and energetic contributors to the conscious collective and bringing their magic to the world.

We will seek aligned partnerships with independent artists to assist with their message and educate the TAROTAROT community on application and use of their gifts.

Our mission is to create tools for daily tarot and spiritual practice; aiding expansion for those looking to align with their soul's purpose and live an authentic existence with love and light as the nexus. 

as above, so below; as within so without

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The Story

Hi! My name is Jessie and I love tarot! One of the things I aspire to create within TAROTAROT is a community of other tarot enthusiasts from all levels who are interested in learning and sharing their tarot talents with others. We may not be able to meet face to face, but that doesn't stop us from gathering together virtually.

I would love to invite you to my tarot circle whether you are a tarot newbie or have been "slinging" cards for years. All you need to do is submit your name and email on the form below and I will make sure you get on the invite list with instructions on how to join the "meetup." I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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